Adaptation Strategies and Adaptation Mitigation Nexus

Asian-Pacific Adaptation Project

Overview: The Asian-Pacific Adaptation Project is an organization within the United Nations Environmental Programme, working to build climate change resilience in Asian nations.

How to Use This Resource: This archive holds reports, news updates and data on adaptation strategies in the Asian-Pacific region.

Climate and Disaster Resilience Initiatives

The United Nations Development Programme

Overview: The United Nations Development Programme researches the climate disaster risk and energy policies of nations and finances resiliency efforts worldwide.

How to Use This Resource: Developing countries are both less able to cope with and more likely to be affected by extreme weather. This database provides information on what adaptation action is being taken by the United Nations Development Programme and where.

Climate Change and Human Mobility

The Nansen Initiative

Overview: The Nansen Initiative is an inter-government effort, primarily funded by Norway and Switzerland, to build consensus around protecting people displaced across borders due to natural disasters, including those linked to climate change.

How to Use This Resource: The Nansen Initiative web site has links to specific regional initiatives in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and Latin America, an archive of dozens of backgrounders and statements, plus policy reviews and research. The initiative also held an event at the Paris climate negotiations to bring together players around climate change and human mobility issues.

Climate Change Global Food Security and the U.S. Food System

The United States Global Change Research Program

Overview: The United States Global Change Research Program is a coalition of 13 federal departments and agencies research the human-induced and natural processes of climate change.

How to Use This Resource: This 157-page report, part of a peer-reviewed scientific assessment incorporated into the U.S. National Climate Assessment, analyzes how climate change is impacting global food security across multiple sectors. The web site includes a six-minute explanatory video.

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Climate Communication Research and Reports

Climate Outreach

Overview: Climate Outreach is a European climate change communication organization. It focuses on how to engage in climate change conversations with young people, conservative policymakers  or people of faith.

How to Use This Resource: This archive of reports focus on climate change communication, and makes good reading for journalists. In addition, there’s a resource page on communicating climate impacts.

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Climate Security 101

The Center for Climate and Security

Overview: The Climate Security 101 site is a project of the policy institute, The Center for Climate and Security, researching how climate risks affect security. It also posts updates on climate security research and policy documents.

How to Use this Resource: This site’s database on climate change and security features primary documents organized into categories of sources: U.S. Government, intergovernmental bodies, think tanks, etc.

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Environmental Migration Portal

Environmental Migration Portal

Overview: The Environmental Migration Portal is a database for information on climate-caused migration patterns and impacts. It was created as part of the Migration, Environment and Climate Change project funded by the European Union.

How to Use This Resource: The site includes links to the group’s research on climate change, adaptation and migration, as well to current projects, such as on migration and adaptation in South Asia. A helpful set of five infographics chart the relationship between migration and environmental change by outlining how extreme weather renders vulnerable territories virtually inhabitable.

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European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT)

European Commission, European Environment Agency

Overview: Climate Adapt is a partnership between the European Commission and the European Environment Agency working to adapt Europe to climate change by providing a platform to publish and share information. 

How to Use This Resource: This database contains European climate change projections in Europe, maps of regions vulnerable to climate change, national and transnational adaptation strategies, case studies and potential adaptation options.


Global Sustainability and Resilience

The Wilson Center

Overview: The Wilson Center is a non-partisan policy forum that addresses global issues through independent research to draft actionable policy recommendations.

How to Use This Resource: The Global Sustainability and Resilience Program is an overarching initiative that combines the ongoing efforts of the Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program, China Environment Forum, Maternal Health Initiative, and Urban Sustainability Laboratory. There is extensive research, access to experts and events. Regular updates are found on the blog.

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Research and Reports on African Resiliency

The Africa Progress Panel

Overview: The Africa Progress Panel is a group of advocates, led by former secretary-general of the United Nations Kofi Annan, that fights for sustainable development in Africa.

How to Use This Resource: Journalists will find research and reports on the African Progress Panel’s advocacy for Africa’s role as a climate change leader. Annual reports provide extensive reference to adaptation issues. And there is also ample information on the panel’s contributions during the COP21 Paris summit.

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Special Initiatives

Eye on the Earth Initiative

Overview: Eye on Earth is a coalition of global leaders, innovators and decision-makers working to unite policymakers, converge consensus, and foster further global collaboration toward climate adaptation.

How to Use This Resource: This database provides policymakers with an information-sharing platform to share their knowledge of fighting climate change. Sorted by topic, the site features extensive research on disaster response, water security, and emission reduction, among others.

The Climate Impacts: Global and Regional Adaptation Support Platform Database


Overview: CI:Grasp is a climate information service that collects data on current and projected climate stimuli, impacts and adaptation options on a national and regional level.

How to Use This Resource: This enormous database allows journalists to search for worldwide adaptation projects by numerous criteria, such as region, climate change effect, and source.

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Yale Climate Connections

The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

Overview: The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication conducts research on public climate knowledge and provides communicators with tools to engage their audiences.

How to Use This Resource: Yale Climate Connections is a multimedia service that broadcasts daily radio and print stories about climate change.

Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap

U.S. Department of Defense

Overview: The U.S. Department of Defense serves as the principal defense policy advisor to the president and works under his direction. It embodies the U.S. military and a civilian force of thousands.

How to Use This Resource: Extreme weather will affect both the Department of Defense’s ability to defend the United States and increase the immediate risks it faces. This report outlines what those “threat multipliers” are and what the Department of Defense can do to address them.

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Quadrennial Defense Review

The U.S. Department of Defense

Overview: The U.S. Department of Defense serves as the principal defense policy advisor to the President and works under his direction. It embodies the United States military and a civilian force of thousands.

How to Use This Resource: This reports includes an in-depth analysis of climate change’s impact as a “threat multiplier” to national security, as well as a discussion of preparations and adaptation to climate change.

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Disaster and Crisis Coverage

International Center for Journalists

Overview: The International Center for Journalists is a non-profit organization that promotes journalism worldwide.

How to Use This Resource: This report serves as a practical guide for journalists preparing to report on natural disasters during a crisis.

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The Resilient Social Network

Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute

Overview: The Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute is a federally funded research and development center that produces independent analysis on  homeland security.

How to Use This Resource: Within hours of Sandy’s landfall in New Jersey, Occupy Wall Street members had created a social media network of humanitarian volunteers that would eventually grow to 60,000 members. This report studies how such grassroots activism might be utilized by the government when the next disaster strikes.

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