Adaptation Strategies and Adaptation Mitigation Nexus

Asian-Pacific Adaptation Project

Overview: The Asian-Pacific Adaptation Project is an organization within the United Nations Environmental Programme, working to build climate change resilience in Asian nations.

How to Use This Resource: This archive holds reports, news updates and data on adaptation strategies in the Asian-Pacific region.

The Business Case for Responsible Corporate Adaptation

United Nations - Caring for Climate

Overview: Caring for Climate is a joint initiative of the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Environmental Programme and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, working to mobilize  business leaders to implement climate change adaptation policies.

How to Use This Resource:  This report provides recommendations on climate adaptation from the United Nations to businesses with the aim of fighting poverty and environmental degradation worldwide. It includes chapters on the business benefits of adapting responsibly and on overcoming barriers to corporate adaptation, as well as 17 case studies of business adaptation around the world.


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Africa’s Adaptation Gap: A Technical Report

United Nations Environment Programme

Overview: The United Nations Environment Programme represents the environment within the United Nations system.

How to Use This Resource: Africa’s Adaptation Gap Report is a stark analysis of where Africa stands in relation to its adaptation goals. The continent serves as a cautionary indicator of what may happen should the emissions gap remain.

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