Videos: Covering climate adaptation

To help reporters covering this important and complex issue, we have made a series of brief videos with insight from Adam Glenn, executive producer of this site, the online Reporter’s Guide to Climate Adaptation.


Animated Explainer
A short, animated graphic that explains the issues and impacts of climate adaptation.


How To Cover Climate Adaption
Communities are recognizing the risks of climate change and are starting to prepare in various ways.


Adaptation as a Resilience Story
Resilience is the ability of communities to rebound from various shocks.


Adaptation as a Risk Story
More intense storms, more drought, more heat waves and sea-level rise are among the ripple effects facing communities.


Adaptation as a Local Story
How prepared for extreme weather is a community’s infrastructure, such as power, roads or emergency response?


Adaptation as a Business Story
Rising flood insurance rates and market opportunities are just two examples of business stories emerging from the realities of climate risk.


Adaptation as a Consumer Story
Go kits, safe rooms, water consumption — consumer stories abound on the climate adaptation front.


Adaptation as a Military Story
Sea-level rise threatens our coastal military bases, and many experts are examining international security issues like natural resource disruptions and climate refugees.


Adaptation as a Religion Story
Stewardship of the environment and our climate is a growing concern of many religious communities.


Adaptation as a Sports Story
Recreation industries like skiing and beachgoing are facing very real climate impacts.


Adaptation as an Environmental Story
Various ecosystems are being threatened by climate risk.