The New Orleans Index at Ten: Measuring Greater New Orleans’ Progress toward Prosperity

The Data Center

Overview: The Data Center provides independent data analysis on disaster recovery and regional economic analysis in Southeast Louisiana.

How to Use This Resource: New Orlean’s recovery after Hurricane Katrina is a case study in the successes and failures of resilience investment. This report examines how the city used climate change adaptation to bolster the city’s economy yet why certain communities are still struggling to recover.

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Climate Change Information for Adaptation: Climate Trends and Projected Values for Canada from 2010 to 2050

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Overview: The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction is a disaster prevention research nonprofit,  established by Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry and affiliated with the University of Western Ontario.

How to Use This Resource: This report breaks summarizes climate trends to date and offers future weather projections in 18 major Canadian regions.

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