Building a Stronger Coast

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

Overview: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services is the agency dedicated to protecting oceanic ecosystems.

How to Use This Resource: This website features state fact sheets, an infographic on coastal resilience, restoration and repair videos, and an interactive story map of Hurricane Sandy recovery projects, with detailed profiles of each and a database of media resources that is searchable by state.

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Climate Adaptation Planning, Research and Practice


Overview: weADAPT is an online space to access and share climate adaptation information from across the globe.

How to Use This Resource: weADAPt features an archive of relevant adaption reports, as well as an interactive map of initiatives happening across the globe.

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Climate Communication Research and Reports

Climate Outreach

Overview: Climate Outreach is a European climate change communication organization. It focuses on how to engage in climate change conversations with young people, conservative policymakers  or people of faith.

How to Use This Resource: This archive of reports focus on climate change communication, and makes good reading for journalists. In addition, there’s a resource page on communicating climate impacts.

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Impacts and Adaptations Research Hub

Climate Access

Overview: Climate Access is a network for those engaging the public in the transformation to low-carbon, resilient communities.

How To Use This Research: This archive holds extensive reports on adaptation efforts across the globe and is searchable by region and by climate change impacts.

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The Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Program

Adaption Scotland

Overview: Adaptation Scotland is a collaboration of businesses and policymakers funded by, and working for, the Scottish government.

How to Use This Resource: Adaption Scotland details how climate change has and will affect Scotland as well as the Scottish government’s plans to adapt its infrastructure and prepare its populace.

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Protecting Our Capital: How Climate Adaptation in Cities Creates a Resilient Place for Business

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Overview: C40 is a network of international cities that share information and collaborate on climate change action.

How to Use This Resource: Journalists will find data from more than 200 cities on their adaptation initiatives on the micro and macro level.

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