Building a Stronger Coast

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

Overview: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services is the agency dedicated to protecting oceanic ecosystems.

How to Use This Resource: This website features state fact sheets, an infographic on coastal resilience, restoration and repair videos, and an interactive story map of Hurricane Sandy recovery projects, with detailed profiles of each and a database of media resources that is searchable by state.

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Climate Adaptation Planning, Research and Practice


Overview: weADAPT is an online space to access and share climate adaptation information from across the globe.

How to Use This Resource: weADAPt features an archive of relevant adaption reports, as well as an interactive map of initiatives happening across the globe.

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Climate Communication Research and Reports

Climate Outreach

Overview: Climate Outreach is a European climate change communication organization. It focuses on how to engage in climate change conversations with young people, conservative policymakers  or people of faith.

How to Use This Resource: This archive of reports focus on climate change communication, and makes good reading for journalists. In addition, there’s a resource page on communicating climate impacts.

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Crowdsourcing Climate Change Adaptation

Climate CoLab: The MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Overview: Climate CoLab uses crowdsourcing and contests to unite citizens, experts and policymakers and create innovative proposals for climate change action worldwide.

How to Use This Resource: Climate CoLab’s adaptation contest features proposals on preparing for and adapting to climate change. The site also feature numerous other contests and research from internationally recognized experts paired with practical perspectives from local communities.

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Environmental and Climate Justice Program


Overview: The Environmental and Climate Justice Program is the branch of the NAACP advocating for climate change action in African-American communities.

How to Use This Resource: Journalists will find information the specific impact climate change has on African-American communities in the United States. The database includes policy reports, toolkits, and blog articles.

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Hurricane Sandy Rebuild By Design Competition

Rebuild by Design

Overview: In response to Hurricane Sandy, U.S. HUD Secretary Donovan launched Rebuild by Design, a design competition model to develop innovative, actionable solutions for a more resilient region in the Northeast.

How to Use This Resource: Each of the projects profiled here found new ways to use design as a means to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. This work is at the vanguard of urban resiliency action.

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Hurricane Sandy Recovery Progress Report

New York City Office of the Mayor

Overview: This report provides updates on the progress of the  Office of the Mayor’s Housing Recovery Operations and the Build it Back Program in the three years since Hurricane Sandy first hit New York City. 

How to Use This Resource: The city intends to provide financial relief and expedite recovery for homeowners and better engage local communities directly in the rebuilding process.  This report provides a detailed analysis of those efforts, as well as the Build it Back Program, which offers financial assistance to homeowners who were hit by the Hurricane Sandy.

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Impacts and Adaptations Research Hub

Climate Access

Overview: Climate Access is a network for those engaging the public in the transformation to low-carbon, resilient communities.

How To Use This Research: This archive holds extensive reports on adaptation efforts across the globe and is searchable by region and by climate change impacts.

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Seizing the Global Opportunity

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate

Overview: The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate is an independent think tank, commissioned by Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom, to address the financial concerns caused by climate change.

How to Use This Resource: This report explores initiatives that would result in both stronger economic growth and a better climates in developing countries.

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Connecting on Climate: A Guide to Effective Climate Change Communication

The Center for Research on Environmental Decisions

Overview: The Center for Research on Environmental Decisions is an interdisciplinary center that studies decision-making during climate uncertainty. It is run through Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

How to Use This Resource:  This is a guide for communicating about climate change in a manner that is clear but not simplified.

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Natural Disasters: Saving Lives Today, Building Resilience for Tomorrow

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Overview: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is an international research organization based in London that campaigns for sustainable policies worldwide.

How to Use This Resource:  The rapid increase of people living in cities and is worsening the world’s susceptibility to natural disasters. This report details the ramifications of that susceptibility and makes economic and policy recommendations to improve urban resiliency.

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The Resilient Social Network

Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute

Overview: The Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute is a federally funded research and development center that produces independent analysis on  homeland security.

How to Use This Resource: Within hours of Sandy’s landfall in New Jersey, Occupy Wall Street members had created a social media network of humanitarian volunteers that would eventually grow to 60,000 members. This report studies how such grassroots activism might be utilized by the government when the next disaster strikes.

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Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative

The National Academies Press

Overview: The National Academies Press publishes the reports of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, and operates under a United States Congress charter.

How to Use This Resource: This book focuses on the particular challenges of crafting federal policies on climate resiliency that suite a vast amount of Americans communities, each with their own individual needs.

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